What are the requirements for a profile sample to be scanned?
A profile sample must be cut off at a 90 degree angle. The cut surface must have no burrs, otherwise the system will detect deviations from reference geometry in places where burrs occur. As our experience shows, a clean cut can be easily obtained by using an auto feed saw with a special saw blade.
How many workstations can the system software be installed onto?
In its basic configuration the program is installed on two workstations (2 PCs) – process engineer workstation and quality control engineer workstation. Extra licenses are available for extra payment.
What if your system does not fit our products?
If there are any doubts that the system can be suitable for your products, we recommend you to send us samples for measurement. You should also send us some sample drawings in DXF format via e-mail so that we could make templates which will allow us to provide you with a full report on the measurements.
Also you can test our system at your factory.
How long are data stored in the program memory? What is the size of data storage (scanning reports, template)?
The program stores data collected during the entire period of system use. Data storage is limited only by hard disk drive capacity of PC used.
Is it possible to measure a sample without creating a template?
Yes, you can measure a sample without a template. However, in this case tolerances display mode and deviation color map will be unavailable. You can take measurements you need by using such program tools as “Ruler”, “Square tool”, “Angle finder”.
You can convert the scanned image into dxf-drawing for further work in AutoCAD.
Is it possible to modify the system on the basis of users’ preferences?
Yes, we're constantly improving our software based of our users’ feedback. The more the demand for a new feature, the faster it'll be implemented in our program. Customized modification is discussed individually.