About us

At the beginning of 2019 Uniscan-Research product team that worked on Scanfex was spun off into a separate company. Sales and development of the product are now conducted by Nestima LLC. All commitments on technical support of previously sold Scanfex copies are taken by Nestima LLC as well.

Uniscan-Research LLC

The Uniscan-Research LLC Company was established in 2011 on the basis of a Research and Development Department of an engineering company named Uniscan (founded in 1995).

At present the main activities of Uniscan-Research LLC include research and development in such fields of expertise as medical instrumentation, software development (including signal processing algorithms) and wide range of R&D and Design & Development activities on a contract basis.

2011 Uniscan-Research LLC became a resident of Nuclear Technologies Cluster of Skolkovo Foundation.