Product description

Template designer
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Standard Scanfex profile geometry control system consists of control software and a scanner with a sliding cover serving to obtain cross-sectional image contours of the profile sample of up to 10 cm high and 210 х 297 mm large.

The software is divided into two automatic work places: for design engineers and quality control engineers. The first one is designed to create templates on the basis of AutoCAD drawings, which will be used as a basis when testing the actual profile geometry. The second one is designed for direct sample geometry control.


Template Designer program is designed to generate templates based on AutoCAD drawings in DXF format. The templates contain information on contour of profile cross-section and tolerances on profile geometry parameters. The templates are used as the basis for
comparison of actual profile contour with the drawings.

Template designer


The comparator program is an automatic work place designed for quality control engineers to control the profile geometry. Comparator program allows testing the profile geometry both automatically and manually using special tools.

The procedure of profile geometry testing is as follows. The user places a tested profile sample on scanner's glass, launches scanning process with a mouse-click and obtains data on exceeded tolerances on computer screen in less than 60 seconds.


In addition to the exceeded tolerances analysis the user can obtain a colored deviation map which allows the user to quickly estimate the degree of sample and drawing geometry differences.

Colored deviation map

Moreover, the user cannot only use automatic geometry control tools, but also manual measurements tools for measuring such parameters as wall thicknesses and dimensions, angles, variations in plane, etc.

All profile scanned images are saved to a data base and are available for printing, retesting or manual measuring.